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The Rosamond Skypark is a privately-owned and operated residential skypark located in Southern California's Antelope Valley (AKA "Aerospace Valley"). Our FAA designator is L00 (Lima-Zero-Zero) and our airport is open for public use. This website is operated by the Rosamond Skypark Association as a service to our owner/members. We also provide various items of interest to pilots and the general public.

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Monthly Board of Directors Meeting:

Next scheduled Board meeting will be this Wednesday, July 8th,  6:00 PM,  in the Skypark  Building

Current & past meeting minutes are available in the "Owner" section of the website.

Current Rosamond Events-
Water Crisis / RCSD:

Most have probably already perused the latest bulletins from RCSD regarding the California water crisis.
   If not, click here:  (View #1)  (View #2)

Although there are no specific limits being imposed at this time, the state mandate for Rosamond is a 28% reduction in "per capita" water consumption.  At this point, according to Bulletin #2, we are only 8% down, meaning that (collectively) we need to cut another 20%.

Saving a few gallons of dishwater to flush your toilet won't do the job.  The only real potential for that sort of reduction in our individual usage would be moving to some form of desert landscaping.   

The Association encourages conversion to desert landscaping, and if you tour the Skypark you will see some excellent examples!  Please, however, do submit your plan to the Architectural Committee as the CC&Rs require.

P.S.  You may be aware that the RCSD Board is itself exhibiting a significant degree of disfunctionality in dealing with both the dought and other important local matters (CLICK for the recent Grand Jury report).  It might be a good idea to stay out in front of the issue and not wait for some delayed emergency reaction by RCSD.