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Joshua Tree
The Rosamond Skypark is a privately-owned and operated residential skypark located in Southern California's Antelope Valley (AKA "Aerospace Valley"). Our FAA designator is L00 (Lima-Zero-Zero) and our airport is open for public use. This website is operated by the Rosamond Skypark Association as a service to our owner/members. We also provide various items of interest to pilots and the general public.

Welcome to the Skypark Website

Current Happenings & Notices:

Board of Directors Meeting           

The next regular meeting of the Board will be held Thursday, December 13th at 6:00 PM in the Skypark Building, 4000 Knox Avenue, Rosamond.

All Association members are encouraged to attend these meetings.  Minutes of the meetings are available in the Owner's section of the website.

CC&R Balloting

Due to some technical omissions & errors in the original balloting package distributed to everyone, it was necessary to re-distribute a revised package to insure the legal acceptability of any resulting vote.

You should have received a new mailing containing entirely new ballots for your use

EVEN IF YOU DO NOT DESIRE TO VOTE, the CC&R Committee and the Board of Directors asks that you please sign the return envelope and mail back your ballot (unmarked, if you simply do not wish to vote) so that we can have a quorum return.  If we do not receive a quorum return it will trigger a delay and additional expense to all of us!  The money we spend on this is YOUR money!

Pattern Altitude Change now Official

Conforming to the new FAA AC 90-66B our south-side power aircraft patterns (Left traffic for Rwy 26, Right traffic for 08) are now 1000 feet AGL, or 3415 MSL  

All else remains the same:

Glider, helicopter & ultralight patterns remain north side at 500 AGL

Runway 26 remains the recommended takeoff direction in calm/negligable wind conditions for safety & noise abatement.